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Gym Clock 1" High Charcter Multi Functional Interval Clock for Workouts w/ IR Remote Control

Gym Clock 1" High Charcter Multi Functional Interval Clock for Workouts w/ IR Remote Control
Gym Clock 1
Gym Clock 1Gym Clock 1Gym Clock 1Gym Clock 1Gym Clock 1
CategoriesLED Gym Clock
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character colorred+blue
control methodIR remote control
Work Volt5VDC
Plug StandardUS standard
Unit PriceUS $ 30-50 / piece
FOB portHangzhou
Terms of PaymentL/C, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update Time2020-04-09
Detail Information

Product Functions


Display format Fn MM:SS(training time) and Cn MM:SS(rest time). 20 secs training time and 10 seconds rest time, run 8 circles. There is a quick access function. You can just press Tabata button to enter this function on remote control.  When training time ends, there will be one sound beep and when rest time ends there will be three sounds beeps.


Display format Fn MM:SS(training time) and Cn MM:SS(rest time). There two different modes for FGB training, they are: 

        FGB1: 5 minutes training, 1 minute rest, run 5 circles; 

        FGB2: 5 minutes training, 1 minute rest, run 3 circles; 

Press FGB button on remote control, you enter FGB function directly. First press is FGB 1, display 1 ---- at the start and then start to run; Press FGB button twice, it will display 2 ---- for one seconds, it will then start to run FGB2. 

Intervals function

This is the main function on this product.  The users can set their own prefered training time and rest time by this function. Display mode is Fn MM:SS and Cn MM:SS. Press on number buttons to enter the setting, you can set up to 10 groups intervals, for instance, press 0 to start your first group interval setting. After the setting is finished and when next time use it, just press 0 and start key, the timer will start to run. There is no need to re-set it. 

Setting Method: Press any number on the remote control to enter edit mode, say 1, now the screen reading P1. Press Edit button, the screen will read F1 MM:SS. Press Edit button and input your training time by clicking on number buttons, say 10 seconds, you will click 0 0 1 0 respectively on the remote number key. After that, press Edit button again, you will enter rest time setting. If each of your intervals are not the same, do the steps as above. If they are all the same, you can just set this one interval and come to the next step to set circles(or rounds). Press OK button to enter circle setting, now the screen reads C-C XX, XX is the circle you will set. The max circles allowed is 99. Then press OK button to confirm and finish all the settings. 

Regular clock function

When plug in the clock, it displays regular clock function. The display format is H1 HH:MM. You may need to adjust the time to your local time. Just simply press on Edit button and input the time and press OK button to finish the setting is fine.  You can switch between 12/24 hour display format by remote control. The time runs in hours minutes mode. 

Count up function

Display format UP MM:SS. Count runs in minutes seconds mode. You can set any stop time between 00:00 and 99:59. It always starts to count up from 00:00. Pause is available.

Countdown function

Display format dn MM:SS. Count runs in minutes seconds mode. You can set any start time between 99:59 and 00:00. It always ends at 00:00. Pause is available.

Stopwatch function

Display format MM:SS:ss. Stop at 99:59:59. But you can pause it between 00:00:00 and 99:59:59.

Product Specifications

LED Character: 1 inch high seven segment, 2 blue 4 red; 

Product Size: 15x2.5x5cm or 6x2x1inches;

Product Weight: 0.6kg;

Lifespan: 60,000 hours; 

Operation method: IR remote control, within 10 meters to the clock;

Time Accuracy: <2 minutes/year; 

Work Voltage: 5VDC; (Power adapter is 100-240VAC input and 5VDC output) 

Warranty & Our Service

30 days return & refund, 60 days exchange, two years warranty time, lifetime repair;

1. Support a no-reason 7-day return & refund in 10 days against the delivery of the item(shipping cost to be paid by the buyer);

2. Contact us for an exchange or refund within 10-60 days for any quality problem after the delivery;

3. You can contact us for a free repair within 2 years for any problem(shipping cost to be paid by the buyer);


1. This is a plug-in item. When first plug in, it displays regular time function. You need to program it to your current time with remote control. 

2. When using regular time function, H2 indicates 12 hour time display mode and H1 indicates 24 hour time display mode; The two modes can be changed via remote control; Dn indicates countdown function and UP indicates count up mode. When using countdown, you can set any time between 00:00 and 99:59 and start a count down, while when using count up function, you need to set up a stop time as the count up will start to count always from 00:00; Stopwatch will always start to count from 00 00:00. You can stop/pause to countdown/up and stopwatch;

3. There is 10 seconds preparation on countdown, countup and interval functions and it can be disabled; There is also beep when countdown ends on count functions and it can be disabled as well;   

4. The clock work voltage is 5VDC, please don't use any other adapter that is bigger than 5V DC.

5. Shipping cost is not included. Please contact us for a quote!

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